Super lightweight one pole tent with aluminium poles 

• Single skin with 5 permanent ventilations
• 1 extra large permanent top ventilation with distance bar
• 2 permanent ventilations with distance holder
• 2 low vents
• Door with guy out function for additional ventilation
• 2 triangular flaps with webbing straps and distance bar
• 90° tub floor with supporting poles
• Dual entry with full mesh door
• Twilight visable red tape around bottom fly sheet
• Inner pockets
• Lamp holder

• SBS brand zipper
• Aluminium peg
• Zipped carry bag
• Seam sealed


We upgrade the new Sisikin 2.0 single hoop extreme lightweight tent. The weight is just 1,6 kg including accessories and pack sack. The aluminium poles 7001 T6 with a high- grade aluminium alloy and a hardness grade of T6. Internal connection ferrules form a smooth outer surface and run perfectly without caught through the pole tunnels for easy handling. The flexible and strong aluminium poles guarantee a high wind stability. Superlight and strong aluminium pegs anchor the tent and guy lines safely in the ground. Three oversized all- weather and 3 ground ventilations provide continuous airflow. Keep the ventilation always open for full function..




Fly sheet:
190T Polyester PU, 3.000 mm

Ground sheet:
190T Polyester, 3.000 mm

Aluminium poles 7001 T6 7,9 mm




€ 119,95

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